A sermon illustration on Weddings  - To My Beloved

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Used for: Weddings, Love, Valentines Day
Verse - The Song of Solomon
A very romantic interchange between lovers is captured in this video from the Song of Solomon that is useful for Valentines Day and weddings or for love and marriage discussions.

Sermon Illustration.  Also the Countdown and Spanish versions for free!
Sermon Illustration. Also the Countdown and Spanish versions for free!

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Let’s cut to the core. In a majority of states today, divorce rates are over 50%. It is estimated that by 2011, approximately 70% of school children will be living in a single parent home or in a home with at least one non- biological parent. These statistics show a lack of the understanding of ’love’. Our world has turned ’love’ into something other than what God intended. ’Love’ today - especially in the media - is often portrayed as sleazy sex, uncontrolled passion, adulterous affairs, one-night flings, no commitment, etc. This is not what God intended. The Song of Solomon presents a picture of God’s love. Most of mankind does not practice godly love and sadly, most do not know of God’s intentions for a husband and bride.

When Adam and Eve tended the Garden of Eve their love was godly. God created sex and sex is a good thing when practiced within the parameters that God established for a man and a woman. Adam and Eve as husband and wife had a pure love and a commitment to one another. You may think that they were dedicated to one another because there was no one else to ’cheat’ with but God ’joined’ Adam and Eve and their union was truly a holy one. God created sex as a celebration of the union between husband and wife. Our world has ’redefined’ sex as a sales tool for commercials, a cheap and meaningless act, and something with no meaning. I talked with a young lady one day and she talked about her relationships with men other than her husband. When I asked her how she could do such a thing she responded, "It’s just sex. It’s not like I love them." Unfortunately, many people today share her ’definition’.

When we read the Song of Solomon we see what the definition of what a godly relationship and marriage consists of. This is a picture of God’s love for us, His church, and for (I believe) Israel. A husband and wife honor God when they are faithful to each other in their sexuality. The Bible speaks of adultery a great many times. It is important for us to realize why. The reason is that God is jealous of His people. He wants our loyalty, just as a husband and wife are loyal when their love is true and pure. He wants us to be faithful to Him as He is to us. He wants us to serve only Him and not be involved in idolatry and covetousness. He wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The Song of Solomon presents God’s definition of love and of what an intimate relationship is. God wants that kind of relationship with each of us.

The young woman in the Song of Solomon says "I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley." She was not saying that she was special or that she was ’a great catch’. She meant that she was common and not special. The rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley were common flowers during this time. But King Solomon tells her that she is special. She is an extraordinary flower! This in what true love conveys. You should tell your spouse every day that you love them. My wife and I have never gone to sleep at night without saying "Love you". Even when I travel and we communicate by phone, text message, or email, the two words "Love you" are always there. Two simple words that God puts such emphasis on!

King Solomon refers to his bride as being as refreshing as a fountain! Do you view your spouse in that way? Do you load your spouse down with worries, problems and issues instead of refreshing them with encouragement and reassurance? There are many conferences today for couples to ’refresh your marriage’. We obviously have too many marriages where the spouses are not ’refreshing as a fountain’. Take time to hug your spouse. Take time to encourage your spouse. Take time to enjoy the gift of sex that God has given. Take time to tell your spouse "Love you". Take the time to give your spouse intimate time alone instead of placing them second in line to the children. Take time to read the Song of Solomon. When I read this Biblical book, I always think of a new and exciting way to show my bride that I love her. It also helps me refocus on God’s love for His people. And that is a picture of love to cherish and honor!