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There are 82 Videos in this series. Videos that highlight some of the major holidays are timely interspersed within the series order to allow the individual to also have video and discussion to fit the seasonal events.

How is works:

Each week, Zion's Keeper brings you new Christian videos and commentary from the Musical Bible for you to view, study and enjoy. As new videos are added, videos that were available in the Now Showing in previous weeks will be removed. You are able to monitor the videos availability for viewing by perusing the calendar provided.

If you desire, you may purchase the videos individually for your iPhone and enjoy them over and over again, long after they are removed from the Now Showing. When you proceed and complete the option to buy a video, the purchased video will be placed in My Videos. You also have the option of buying an album of particular genre at a cost savings over purchasing them individually as well the option of buying the entire library for a huge cost savings. All purchased videos will be placed in the My Videos area for long lasting enjoyment.

What are these videos?

The Callividgraphy Musical Bible is a bible in rhyme. Callividgraphy has taken the popular and most loved verses of the Bible, put them to rhyme and synced them to beautiful music and video. To date, these videos have been popular but limited for use as sermon illustrations and countdowns for churches and small groups. Zion's Keeper has now taken these videos and put them in a format so that they now may be used as an individual study devotional. This devotional will take you through some the main points in the bible in a year in a "through the bible" chronological fashion.


This app was intended for an iPhone and for individual use only. However, it works very nice on the iPad as well when you increase the size by hitting the 2x button.

Eight different types of music genre are included in this app (Jazz, Soft Rock, Rock, Blues/Country, Classical, Soft Guitar, Latin, HipHop).

Multiple search capabilities available including individual word search, suggested discussion keywords, and bible verses.

Discussion keywords are provided for each video. Each video also includes stand alone bible verse and commentary that is accessed by scrolling down the Detail page.

Watch Demo & Buy

Now as a introductory offer, you are able to get the entire library of videos within the app for a total price of $4.99. After downloading the free app, go to Genre and select the "Buy All Genre" button" and purchase the entire library at this crazy low introductory price! Limited time only.

Play the youtube video above and see what the app can do. Then, click the red Buy Now text below to be taken to the iTunes store and buy the Zion's Keeper Music Video Thru-the-Bible app now for only $.99!