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Babies are Wonderfully Made

Babies are Wonderfully Made

Great for Mother’s Day, Baptism, baby dedication or discussing abortion, enjoy this deep, gentle, soft guitar music video of babies... Watch

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  • Proclaim Communion Video An inspiring communion video with a call for action. Proclaim!


The Night At Gethsemane Sermon Illustration Videos

The Night At Gethsemane

This video shows Jesus agonizing in prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night he was betrayed and ultimately following Godís will...

Jesus Prayer - Video Clips for Sermons

Jesus Prayer

this music video, useful for reflection, shows Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, going through the events on the night he was betrayed...

Jesus the Way Bible Video Clips

Jesus the Way

Jesus makes the claim that he is the ONLY way, the Life and the Truth, the bridge and the only path and door to gain access to the Father...

He is Alive Sermon Illustration Countdown

He is Alive

story of doubting Thomas unbelief of Jesusí resurrection is told in this music video including the whole Easter story....

Jesus Miracles Sermon Illustration Church Countdown Videos

Jesus Miracles

This music video points out Jesus divinity as it lists all of the types of miracles Jesus performed here on earth....

Jesus Lives Sermon Illustration Countdown

Jesus Lives

the wonderfully Easter story of Mary meeting the resurrected Jesus at the tomb and Jesus appearing to the disciplies...

Clean My Soul Sermon Illustration Videos

Clean My Soul

A solitary horse and rider frames this music video as it would pray the soulful prayer psalm of David after his sin with Bathsheba....

How to Love, Pray, Abstain hurch Countdown Videos

How to Give, Abstain, Pray

You may give, tithe, fast or pray but donít be like the hypocrites! Jesus is teaching the proper way of giving to the poor, fast and prayer in this music video that includes the Lordís prayer...

The Parable of the Sower Sermon Illustration Videos

The Parable of the Sower

This music video of Jesus teaching the parable on the condition of our hearts using soil types, seed and crop growth......

The Peace Of Christ Church Countdown Videos

Gaining the Peace of Christ

This lovely, flowerly music video, perfect for Motherís Day, Valentines Day, Easter and springtime, has Paul telling....